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An international learning and consulting center for digital archaeology.



Find the best and latest technology trends and learning opportunities for archaeology and cultural resources.


- Professional Development & Training -

We help professionals in cultural resources management and aspiring archaeologists learn the right technologies and tools to make their work practice better, faster, and more competitive. In our in-person workshops and online classes you’ll find relevant topics, taught by expert instructors, and downloadable materials at an affordable cost.


"Never did I expect to learn so much in such short amount of time, and still remember it all."

- Don la Barre, Digital Imaging for Archaeology Immersive Workshop

Macro photography 101.

- Consulting Services -

We consult with museums, archives, libraries, cultural resources professionals and archaeologists to find and adopt the best tools and processes for their digital data projects, from the field to data-driven online sharing.


"Working with the CoDA team is like working with family. There is trust, integrity & true relationship."

- Claire Hall, Te Reo O Taranaki Trust



-Recent Work-


-About Us-

The Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; women led and operated. We believe that knowledge of the past inspires and educates the life of communities.