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Digital Photography and Photogrammetry with Michael Ashley


Instructor: Michael Ashley

Where: Online

Duration: 120 Minutes

When: Tuesday, July 18th - 9:30am PDT

Cost: $75


What you will learn: An advanced course. In just the last few years, photogrammetry – the generation of 3D data from photographs – has become accessible to virtually anyone with a basic digital camera. In this foundational workshop, we will cover essentials for creating excellent, publication quality photographs and 3-D models in a fieldwork context. The course is designed with students in mind. There are no prerequisites. 

Topics include:
 – equipment choices
– lighting (and shading)
– color balance, white balance
– appropriate use of scales and positioning
– setting up a “3-D scene” for artifacts and features
– targets, ground control and geolocation
– born archival imaging workflow basics and infield backup    
– photo logs, photo pages and other fun outputs
– SketchFab, Instagram, Facebook and how to keep your job as a
   field tech or field photographer.

Instructor Bio: Archaeologist and Founder of Codifi, Inc.