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3D Visualization for Archaeology: New Tools for the Exploration and Analysis of Fieldwork Data with Fabrizio Galeazzi

Instructor: Fabrizio Galeazzi

Where: Online

When: Thursday, March 30th - 9:30AM PST

Duration: 120 Minutes

Cost: $75 - Single Class

What you will learn: A complimentary training to 3D Documentation and Archaeological Fieldwork: New Strategies and Approaches, learn how to apply these new strategies and approaches to the actual tools you will use. Learn how to share 3d models,  platforms to publish 3D models, how to embed a 3D model in your website, how to apply metadata, and how to best describe models created.

Instructor Bio: Fabrizio Galeazzi is currently a Research Associate of the Department of Archaeology at the University of York and Visiting Scholar at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge. He has significant experience with interdisciplinary research involving information visualization and the development of scientific applications in archaeology. Fabrizio’s current research focuses on the use and integration of 3D technologies for the documentation, visualization and analysis of ancient material culture. He is currently leading research projects aimed at developing new methods which combine the advantages of traditional recording methods with innovative 3D practices. He is interested in understanding the impact that cutting-edge digital methods might have in re-shaping archaeological methods and theory.