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Introduction to GIS for Archaeology with Ed Gonzalez-Tennant

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Instructor: Ed Gonzalez-Tennant

Where: Online

When: Tuesday, April 25th - 9:30am PDT

Duration: 120 Minutes

Cost: $75

What you will learn: This webinar provides participants with an introduction to the best practices regarding archaeological GIS. The webinar is divided into three general parts. The first discusses the various ways we can divide the use of GIS and how this affects project planning. The second part explores best practices for data collection and creation, and points users towards commonly used geospatial data warehouses. The final section examines traditional and emerging forms of geospatial analysis (e.g., visibility analysis, least cost path analysis). The webinar's content is oriented towards practical solutions and test workflows, with particular attention paid to cultural heritage management applications.

Instructor Bio: Dr. Edward Gonzalez-Tennant earned his PhD from the University of Florida in 2011. He has published numerous articles and book chapters exploring geospatial analysis for archaeology, digital heritage, and African American history. He is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Central Florida and serves as a Principal Investigator with Digital Heritage Interactive, LLC and the VP for Emerging Technologies with ICOMOS-ICIP. He previously served as the Director of the GIS Program at Monmouth University in New Jersey.