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Small Archaeology Project Management: How to Manage Projects without Busting Your Budget with Bill White

Instructor: Bill White

Where: Online

When: Tuesday, May 30th - 3:00pm PDT

Duration: 120 Minutes

Cost: $75

What You Will Learn: Keep doing archaeology long enough and the following situation is guaranteed to happen.

You’re heading out to the field on a gorgeous spring day. After years spent in a college lecture hall, you’ve finally finished school and are getting paid to do archaeology. Not only that but you’ve risen to the ranks of management—you’re running your first project. Then, the unspeakable happens. Something goes wrong. You forget a GPS receiver. The client asks you to stop work. You accidentally survey the wrong parcel. There are no limits to what can go wrong out there; however, there are ways you can hedge your bets. You can learn how to prevent project catastrophe, budget overruns, and failed projects. The online webinar “Small Archaeology Project Management: How to Manage Projects without Busting your Budget” was created to address these specific situations and more. Sponsored by the Center for Digital Archaeology (CODA), Small Archaeology Project Management covers three central aspects to managing all small archaeology projects:

Communication— The importance of clear, consistent communication between supervisors, crew, and clients.

Organization— Creating simple systems to keep your project efficiently moving on schedule.

Ownership— Taking responsibility for your actions in order to do the kind of job you can be proud of.

Students can expect to learn simple, easily applied tips for:

  • How to discover the goals and objectives of your supervisors and your crews.
  • Gathering before leaving for the field.
  • Clarifying a project’s mission and reason for existing.
  • Creating efficient systems for collecting and allocating equipment and personnel.
  • Taking ownership of your work is important for your career’s progression.
  • Realizing the “X-Factor” in every archaeology project.
  • Measuring success for every archeology project.

“Small Archaeology Project Management” is the type of class every college student interested in archaeology and young field archaeologist should take BEFORE they lead others into the field. Each session has a long question-and- answer period where the instructor can address any queries related to the course content. In fact, some of the most useful dialogue happens in the discussion after the lecture.

Instructor Bio: The course is taught by William White, PhD, a cultural resource management and academic archaeologist with experience working on projects of all sizes across the United States. From temperate rainforests in Washington State to mines in the Mojave Desert to the Virginia tidewater, Bill White has supervised CRM archaeology crews dozens of small projects. This talk has been distilled from his own personal experiences brining in archaeology projects on time and on budget.