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Digital Photography and Photogrammetry for Archaeology with Adam Prins


Instructor: Adam Prins, AIAR-JVRP Digital Archaeology Fellow at the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research

Where: Online

When: Tuesday, February 21st – 9:30am PST

Duration: 120 minutes

Cost: $75


What you will learn: In just the last few years, photogrammetry – the generation of 3D data from photographs – has become accessible to virtually anyone with a basic digital camera. In this foundations workshop, we will cover essentials for creating excellent, publication quality photographs and 3-D models in a fieldwork context. The course is designed with students in mind. There are no prerequisites. To make the most of the workshop, reading and presentation materials will be made available in advance so that we can jump right in. 
Topics include:

  • equipment choices
  • lighting (and shading)
  • color balance, white balance
  • appropriate use of scales and positioning
  • setting up a “3-D scene” for artifacts and features
  • targets, ground control and geolocation
  • born archival imaging workflow basics and infield backup techniques
  • photo logs, photo pages and other fun outputs
  • SketchFab, Instagram, Facebook and how to keep your job as a field tech or field photographer.