1:1 Photogrammetry Intensive Workshop

1:1 Photogrammetry Intensive Workshop


Description: This is a 4 hours in-person workshop aimed at providing participants with all the skills they need to perform autonomously a photogrammetry project, from beginning to end. We will use a real-life case study, understand the tools needed and the workflow, to learn and apply as we go.

Schedule: Time and schedule for this class are flexible and can be determined between instructor and client.

Instructor: Michael Ashley

Structure: 1. Introduction and basics (60 min.);  2. Image and data capture (90 min.);  3. Data processing and rendering (90 min.)

CoDA will provide additional learning resources after the class, and one hour online Q&A session with participants to be scheduled after the class. 

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- webinar series package -

This series package is geared towards preparing you with the essentials to have in your field tool kit.

This package comes complete with video recordings from our live webinar series program, PDF versions of each instructors presentation and any extra course materials the instructor may have included for their class. Each video recording is 120 minutes long. 

This series package includes these webinars: