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Designing digital projects that engage with our past.


- Method and Process -

We build on the philosophy of human-centered design by incorporating user-centered research, testing, and design into all our work. This means understanding people's needs comes before choosing what technology to use. We engage in deep anthropological inquiry that focuses on human interaction with materials and knowledge and make recommendations on technology, workflow, and data structure.

(1) Discovery

We ask the cardinal questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why? in order to gain a deeper understanding of the project.

(2) Design

How might we? In our design phase, we explore possible solutions to the project goal & refine until we have a clear blueprint for execution.

(3) Develop

We get it done for you!

(4) Deploy

When we check in with you, we test and measure to make sure our original designs have met the expectations of your users.


Let's design an engaging digital experience

CoDA's technologists and project designers provide background research, needs assessment, and design for archaeological and cultural heritage projects. We'd love to work with you.

- Recent Work -


- Project Partners -

A shout out to the people we work with!