What I Wish I'd Known: Converting Kodak Photo CDs

Looking back on the process, Kodak PCD conversion almost seems easy. If you are at the beginning of your zip recuperation journey, these steps may not be obvious, but they are very doable. The only solution available which will keep images high-resolution, convert and maintain original metadata, and save you a LOT of working hours is PCD Magic!

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Virtual Heritage and Engaged Audiences: a challenging relationship

uth Tringham gives a thorough analysis of state of the art, best practices, and successful (or not) case studies, and shares a new audience-centric point of view. Above all, she shifts the focus from 3D modeling in archaeology and cultural heritage to consider the ways in which a more active motivation and engagement of users (whether professionals or general public) might also lead to the long-term sustainability of the models and visualizations.

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Cinzia Perlingieri
Building a Compelling Digital Exhibit

There is something to be said about big data and the information we can gather about human behavior from the analysis of views and likes on web 2.0 sites, but trying to make sense of huge masses of data on the human scale can be quite an undertaking. The internet is a great place to share stories and archive knowledge, but curation and storytelling via a small collection of data can create an intimate experience in a sea of voices.

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Best Image Formats for Archival Photography

Knowing which format to use when capturing new photographs can be confusing, especially if we hope for them to be a good fit for a long-term, sustainably archived collection. Here we put together some information and resources around available archival photography formats and the latest recommendations for the field of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

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Preserving Karuk Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Sípnuuk Digital Library

The Karuk Tribe and UC Berkeley are working together to build this resource for researchers, tribal departments and local communities to enhance understanding of regional food security issues, identify solutions and to document and provide access to knowledge of traditional foods and materials.

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In Defense of Nonprofit Business Tactics to Preserve Cultures - Part 1

My first work after Product Manager School was five months of consulting at a nonprofit. I quickly learned that the differences between nonprofit and for-profit companies don’t really impact the development of the products and services themselves. Soon after meeting the CoDA team, I knew that the skills I’d been developing in school could be put to good use in this unexpected new setting.

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