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Digital Museum Collections

This Digital Museum Collections Syllabus and course was conceived as a “museum internship” and a collaboration between CoDA, the Hearst Museum of Anthropology at UC Berkeley (Hearst), and the Near Eastern Studies Department of UC Berkeley (NES). The goal of the course was to provide students with best practice workflow and skills to classify, describe, and digitally document archaeological and museum collections for improved access and long-term preservation. 

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Plant Imaging on a Flatbed Scanner: Creating a Digital Herbarium

Now that digital recording techniques are more accessible and user-friendly, there are a wide-range of techniques that can be used to record images and information about plants including 2-dimensional images shot with a camera, or 3-dimensional laser scanning which is great for documentation but can be cost-prohibitive and often preserves data in proprietary formats, making this method more at-risk in the long term. A digital herbarium could be a nice addition to a community archive with traditional knowledge considerations.

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