Placing Coded Targets for Photogrammetry in the Field: A Tip from CoDA Training #8

Hello everyone. Nikki here bringing you another quick and simple tip that I learned in the Photography and Photogrammetry for Archaeologists webinar with Michael Ashley.

In our Digital Photography and Photogrammetry for Archaeologists webinars, we have learned that a good rule of thumb to follow when placing coded targets is to keep the targets in the frame, and not to move them in between shots. This is because each target must be uniquely bound to place so that the software can read which points to match. While the concept is simple in theory, we know that the actual in-field placement of targets can be tricky, especially for those of you who may be working in tight areas such as caves.

For archaeologists in tight spaces, it may be necessary to adjust the targets in some way so that they can be seen in the photograph, but are not located on the actual cave wall surface. This is easily achievable with the assistance of a tripod or easel. The most important factor is to make sure it does not move in between photographs.