Questions for Clear Communication in your Project: A Tip from CoDA Training

Hello, archaeologists! Nikki here with a tip from our Small Archaeology Project Management webinar with the expert of Succinct Research, Bill White. Bill taught us some skills that are essential to running a project, but the most important element of a successful project is clear communication.

Small Projectscopy.png

With clear communication, you can gain a more accurate understanding the goals of the project, and your role in achieving that goal. It also refers to the knowledge of who you project contacts are, what you are expected to do, and how to clearly tell goals to others. Keeping track of what questions you should ask for this information can be overwhelming, but much easier to think about if you break them down into the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How categories.

This is a helpful tip for someone like me, who has difficulty figuring out how to initiate conversations. This breakdown of questions is a good place to start.