Tips from CoDA Training #4: Lighting for Photogrammetry

Hello, this is Nikki back with your weekly post of #TrainingTIPS from our webinars at CoDA. This week’s photogrammetry webinar with Adam Prins became especially illuminating because our students brought up questions about varying lighting conditions in the field.

How to Keep Lighting Consistent for Photogrammetry

Our first student question relates to shadow variations that may affect the consistency of lighting for overlapping photographs:

“We have significant light variation - we're at the mouth of a cave. Any advice on dealing with that lighting difference?”

Adam recommends bringing portable lights into the field in order to keep the lighting consistent throughout the photogrammetry process. The light temperature can be corrected at a later time.

How to Control Reflection for Photogrammetry

Our students also asked about how reflective site conditions may impact photogrammetric software processing:

“I'm creating a 3D model of a highly reflective rock art panel -- any tips or recommendations? Photoscan advises not creating models of highly-reflective objects, unless with cloudy skies”

Adam’s tip for this type of situation is to use a sheet to simulate the ideal conditions. For example, using a large white sheet to block out the sun and reduce reflectiveness. What an inexpensive and effective trick!