Welcome Mukurtu CMS 2.0. A safe keeping place

WRITTEN BY: Elena Toffalori


a safe keeping place

Mukurtu CMS 2.0 is finally here! Stay tuned on our blog for updates about the new features and sneak previews of the completely redesigned user interface.
Release 2.0 is a major software update for Drupal-based Mukurtu CMS, developed by the Center for Digital Archaeology and the Drupal experts at Kanopi Studios for the Mukurtu project with our partners at Washington State University.

With the previous release 1.5 available since 2012, this is the first public, production version of the CMS. It involved a ground up rewrite of much of the code and now includes support for archival media, collections, and much more.
A strong community of users has built around the CMS and the training activities, and on the immediate roadmap for 2.0 is the creation of several Mukurtu Centers and a more active involvement of developers and themers who want to contribute code back to the community.
Mukurtu CMS 2.0 is available as an open source distribution through GitHub on https://github.com/mukurtucms, or as a hosted service through Mukurtu.net. Your memories. Your terms.
Learn more about the software and the service, or get in touch at any time at support@mukurtu.net.

See the software live on our demo site meet.mukurtu.net


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