It's CoDA's 5th Birthday!

Today is CoDA's 5th Birthday! and it's no April Fools. We put together this short slideshow with some of the personal memories we have managed to preserve over the last five years to thank everyone who has helped us along the way.


All of us at CoDA (Cinzia, Michael, Kelley, Elena, MJ, Ruthie, Meg, and Tim) wish to express a big thank you to all the collaborators, interns, and volunteers that at different times, places and extents have helped CoDA trace and follow better paths. Listed below in no particular order, if we have forgotten someone, please forgive us:

Tyler Wilson, Connor Rowe, Sarah Lison, Terra Thomas, Grace Chuang, Trisha Roberts, Elizabeth Minor, Lauren Matley, Dustin Hall, Jon Ashley, Burton Lee, Eric Kamm, Liz Dolinar, Annie Parker, Shelley Jane Trout, Cecilia Isabel Vasquez, Alyssa Wendzel, Gabe Patterson-King, Donovan Hernandez, Erica Pallo, Sandwich Girl, Allison Lawrie, Scott Calhoun, Daniele Trombetta, Gabriele Ceccarelli, Alberto Villa… and many more!


Music in the video is by Night Owl from

Night Owl by Broke For Free is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License