The Lifeways of Ancient Africans - Syllabus

This is a 6-weeks Summer course but can be easily expanded to a regular course as the topics are quite large and could use more time. This course is an overview of the archaeological heritage of Africa, from the emergence of modern humans to the beginnings of European colonization, with particular emphasis on the last ten thousand years. Africa offers the world longest record of human occupation and plays a central role in our understanding of human evolution, the prehistory of our species, and state formation.

After a brief review of human origins and the study of Stone Age foragers, the course will feature the following themes: history of archaeological research in Africa, the emergence of agriculture and settled communities, ancient African metallurgy, urbanism, the development of complex societies (with particular emphasis on Northeastern Africa and the Horn, i.e. Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe), and the role and influence of contacts across and outside the continent.

N.B.: This is NOT an active course. We are displaying a poster created some time ago with dates and all, because we like it a lot and thought that you may want to get inspiration for creating your own!

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