Modular Codifi: FMP URLs and iBooks Author Integration

Modular Codifi: FMP Urls and iBooks Author Integration on YouTube in HD

How cool would it be if we could create interactive book experiences that were linked to live data, without coding? This is the first in a series of Modular Codifi videos exploring techniques that are useful for creating engaging and thoughtful interactive data-driven experiences for archaeology.

iBooks Author is Apple’s free authoring tool for creating “beautiful iBooks Textbooks — and just about any other kind of book — for iPad and Mac.” We wanted to see if we could create iBooks as an alternative to closed or ‘frozen’ monographs and reports, with live links to dynamic databases, all running on mobile devices. This video covers the challenges we faced, and our emerging solution for overcoming the limitations of the URL link in iBooks Author in order to create a new way of publishing archaeology.