Students Uncover Alcatraz

To break the spell of seeing and knowing Alcatraz as only a scary old prison, notorious for housing some of America’s most famous gangsters, the National Parks Service has teamed up with local Bay Area elementary and middle schools to dig up the past to get students to know and appreciate the real history of the park.

Lauren Matley
Who's on the Other Side of the Screen?

Freelancer Developers can be an affordable option for small teams or projects with a tight budget. CoDA tested out Upwork, an online hiring platform, last year and worked with a few freelancers, some better than others! Here are 5 things we learned and how you can get the most for your project on a budget of any size.

New partnerships!

CoDA, W.F. Albright Institute, and Codifi Inc. Three organizations team up to explore possibilities for international exchange and increase impact of world heritage and archaeology. Great news! These three organizations have started a collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a cooperative...

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What I Wish I'd Known: Converting Kodak Photo CDs

Looking back on the process, Kodak PCD conversion almost seems easy. If you are at the beginning of your zip recuperation journey, these steps may not be obvious, but they are very doable. The only solution available which will keep images high-resolution, convert and maintain original metadata, and save you a LOT of working hours is PCD Magic!

Virtual Heritage and Engaged Audiences: a challenging relationship

uth Tringham gives a thorough analysis of state of the art, best practices, and successful (or not) case studies, and shares a new audience-centric point of view. Above all, she shifts the focus from 3D modeling in archaeology and cultural heritage to consider the ways in which a more active motivation and engagement of users (whether professionals or general public) might also lead to the long-term sustainability of the models and visualizations.

Cinzia Perlingieri